Established in 2011, an Australian-owned and operated company, we are proud to support the Australian economy. Aussie Greenmarks is listed as an “Accredited Person” (AP) under the Victorian government’s VEET Scheme and the New South Wales ESS Scheme.

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The NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate offers a significant opportunity to reduce energy costs by providing financial assistance for the installation of eligible heat pump hot water systems. This rebate is designed to make it more affordable for NSW households and businesses to switch from traditional electric or gas systems to more energy-efficient alternatives, promoting lower energy consumption and cost savings.

Eligibility for the NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate is primarily available to NSW households and businesses that are currently using traditional electric or gas hot water systems. This initiative aims to support the transition to more energy-efficient heat pump hot water systems, thereby reducing overall energy consumption and costs. Contact us to see if you are eligible.

Significant benefits by reducing the upfront cost of purchasing and installing energy-efficient water heating systems. This rebate not only helps households and businesses save on energy bills but also contributes to environmental sustainability by lowering energy consumption.

Aussie Greenmarks | Hot Water System Upgrade – NSW

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Contact our team to confirm your eligibility for the NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate & see how reduce your energy bills by up-to 60%.

Why Us?

The Aussie Greenmarks Difference

Why us

Under the NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate, we provide expert advice and meticulous installation of energy-efficient hot water systems, ensuring substantial energy cost savings and increased sustainability for both residential and commercial properties in NSW.

12 Years Of Experience

Providing us with a deep understanding of energy efficiency solutions tailored for Australian conditions.

100% Australian Owned

Reflecting our commitment to supporting the local economy and understanding the specific needs of Australian residents and businesses.

Government Approved

Recognised for meeting high standards in delivering energy-efficient solutions under government initiatives like the NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate.

NSW Program

What is the NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate?


The NSW Heat Pump Hot Water Rebate is a government initiative designed to help NSW residents and businesses reduce their energy bills by adopting more efficient water heating technologies. This rebate program offers financial assistance for the installation of eligible heat pump hot water systems, replacing less efficient electric or gas models.

It aims to encourage the uptake of energy-saving technology to lower energy consumption and promote environmental sustainability. Participants can enjoy not only cost savings but also a decrease in their carbon footprint.


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